100 years  
  of the word ROBOT  

  The biggest  
  robotic competition  
   in Czech Republic  

  170 + teams  
  600 + participant  

  7 competitive disciplines  



Robotiada is an international robotic competition and a robotic day in Brno (Czech republic). Up to 4 members in teams aged 0 - 19. We compete in 7 disciplines - autonomous Line follower; autonomous or remote-controlled bear "rescue"; Drag Race (LEGO and NeLEGO); Freestyle and for our smallest robotics Freestyle WeDo. No registration fee. Most competitions are based on Lego Mindstorms. Robotiada is organized by the South Moravian Center for International Mobility Brno. You are welcome at February 7, 2020 in VIDA! Science Centre in Brno.